Company Profile

Hangzhou Yuanxing Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. is located in Hangzhou, China, established in the end of 2016. It is a new type of Internet company which is committed to product innovation as well as build natural and green brand.

Company Headquarters was Inner Mongolia Yuanxing Energy Co., Ltd., founded in January 23, 1997, and in January 31 that year in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange listing, stock code "000683". As of the end of 2016, the company has a wholly owned, 36 participating enterprises, the total assets was 22.2 billion yuan, nearly 5,000 employees.

Hangzhou Yuanxing Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. has carried out domestic and cross-border electricity business business, continue to expand the global market. At present, Taobao, Ali International Station, Micro Mall and other e-commerce platform for the promotion, sales, the main products are edible baking soda, fruit and vegetable bubble, edible soda ash, small soda effervescent tablets, in addition to taste boxes and so on.

Baking soda is produced by Henan Zhongyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. (attached to Inner Mongolia Yuanxing's) production of "Malan" brand baking soda, is the only brand which got the "green food logo certification" of the base products,it is a natural green products, quality and stability Reliable, it has been rated  as quality products and export Mianjian products for many times. The baking soda in the domestic market dominated, and occupies more than 50% of the export share; soda ash in the country has a high market share, the scale of the country ranked fourth.

Hangzhou Yuanxing Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd powered with a wealth of operational experience, withstand the strong power of product support, will wholeheartedly provide consumers with green and healthy natural products and pleasing service.

Contact: Yang Bin

Tel: (0571) 88652912

E-mail: ronnie@soda99.com

 Address: Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, Wutang Avenue 181 cloud cube 8 401-3