How to use baking soda in food?

How to use baking soda in food?

Use one: boiled rice porridge, millet gruel, polenta to add soda, boiled mung bean porridge can not forget.
Theory: why porridge to add alkali? This is because the alkali can promote the starch water absorption gelatinization, and promote the outer layer of starch granules dissolved into the water, the result can make porridge faster cooked, but also make porridge more viscous taste.
Identification: The base will make a small amount of flavonoid in the cereal from colorless to yellow. So add the base of the porridge will become more or less pale yellow or yellowish green. Put more there will be a kind of alkali, destruction of the porridge itself fragrance.

Use two: do all kinds of pasta, snacks to add small soda, so that they loose, soft and delicious. From spontaneous powder to cake powder, from fritters to soda biscuits, from cakes to tortillas, mostly of alkali. The following are the same as the "
Principle: baking soda and acid salt reaction to produce carbon dioxide, resulting in gas, so that the point of porous. At the same time, the base also makes the starch easier to bake or steamed, the same principle and porridge. The following are the same as the "
Identification: Alkaline pasta loose porous, but no fermentation produces aroma, or only fragrance aroma. Too much alkali, the pasta will bring a little yellow, add more uneven when more obvious.

Use three: do a variety of meat to add baking soda, from the water to the beef, boiled meat to meatballs, this technology is always very popular. Aquatic products such as shrimp and fish can also be used.
The following are the same as the "
Principle: As the meat protein isoelectric point in general under weak acid conditions, this time the meat is the worst water absorption. If the alkali, let the meat protein with more charge, so that the affinity of meat and water to strengthen. In this way, a pound of meat can suck into the thirty-two water, will naturally become more tender. The meat becomes swollen and the cost is reduced.
The following are the same as the "
Identification: add the base of the meat basically can not eat pork children, even what the meat is almost eaten, special tender, tender to the extent of the province of teeth.

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