Using baking soda for heat rash

Using baking soda for heat rash

One of the most frequent problems that appear during summer months is heat rash. Often known as prickly heat, this type of skin rash occurs when the body perspires too much, sweat glands are overburdened and sweat ducts become blocked. Sweat gets trapped beneath the skin, causing tiny inflammations that generate itching, prickling and stinging sensations. Heat rash can affect almost anyone, including babies and adults and when it occurs, it is downright excruciating. Although you might think that nothing can make it disappear, you can treat heat rash by using baking soda.

How to naturally treat heat rash
The body cools itself by sweating during hot months. The pores or sweat glands of some people can become clogged with sweat and bacteria, inflaming the skin and causing itching and prickling. However, many ingredients found in any kitchen or fridge can diminish the symptoms of heat rash naturally. By using baking soda is a very easy and convenient way to remove prickly heat, but ingredients like Sandalwood, Aloe Vera, Gram flour, Oatmeal, Neem, Olive Oil, Honey and Witch hazel can help too. These ingredients have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, emollient and antioxidant effects, stimulating the healing of tissues and reducing the symptoms of heat rash.
The first thing you should do when heat rash occurs is to remove the wet clothing and let skin air dry, if possible. Use a cotton towel to make sure skin is completely dry and do not rub too vigorously, no matter how much you want to scratch the skin. Wear loose-fitting clothes made of natural fabrics and avoid those that made you sweat too much. Avoid staying in a hot environment and look for the shade, if you really have to stay outside when the temperatures are high. Once the skin is clean and dry, you should apply on your skin some natural ingredients that reduce the heat rash.

Home-made remedies with baking soda
By using baking soda to diminish itching and reduce swelling will help you speed up the healing of skin affected by heat rash. After taking a refreshing bath and drying your skin, just dust yourself thoroughly with baking soda to absorb the moisture that usually causes heat rash. Repeat a few times per day and after 2-3 days heat rash will be gone. Another efficient remedy that uses baking soda involves adding a few tablespoons of it into lukewarm water before taking a bath. Make sure baking soda is completely dissolved before you enter the water because this way your heat rash will heal sooner and the itching will disappear immediately.
Due to fact this natural ingredient removes the dirt, dead skin cells and other impurities that might get pores clogged, using baking soda as treatment for prickly heat is a brilliant idea. You can add one tablespoon of it to one cup of cold water and you will obtain a paste that, once applied on heat rash with a washcloth, will alleviate prickling sensations and accelerate healing. Repeat 4-5 times a day for several days and you will get rid of heat rash quickly.
This natural ingredient found in every home is probably the best remedy for itching and skin rash. Regardless of what home-made remedy you choose, using backing soda is an efficient way to eliminate heat rash quickly. Use it for your skin rash and take pleasure in the hot months ahead.

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