The benefits of moderate consumption of baking soda in older people

Time: 2017-09-12

The benefits of moderate consumption of baking soda in older people

The benefits of moderate consumption of baking soda in the elderly?When making pasta, older people have a little soda to improve their taste and appearance.This small habit, however, plays a positive role in the health of the elderly.Here are some of the amazing health benefits of baking soda and slow down the aging process.
According to the British "daily mail" reported on January 21st, many people think that baking soda is only important when making cake baking baking powder, but a new study has found that, the main ingredient in baking soda heavy sodium carbonate plays a more important role: it can save a life.
Scientists found that if older people had lower levels of sodium bicarbonate, the risk of premature death was 24 percent higher than normal.The findings suggest that increasing the amount of sodium bicarbonate can extend a person's life span.The scientists suggest that older people with low sodium bicarbonate should increase their intake of food, such as fruits and vegetables, to convert them into sodium bicarbonate.
The kidneys and lungs work together to balance the alkaline sodium bicarbonate in the body and the acidic carbon dioxide levels in the blood.This helps keep the pH in your body in a healthy range, allowing your cells and organs to function properly.The study showed that severe patients with severe acid and alkaline conditions had extremely low survival rates.However, the answer to whether subtle changes in the level of acid in the body can affect the lifespan of older people remains ambiguous.
Scientists measured the elderly's levels of pH, carbon dioxide and sodium bicarbonate, and studied their relationship with the elderly.The study involved 2,287 people, mostly black and white, who were healthy, aged between 70 and 79.The data collection lasted from 1997 to February 2014, and the average follow-up time for each participant was 10 years and 3 months.
The increase of pH in the equation did not change the final result, but the pH measurement was not routine, so it was very important.Because of the study, measurements of bicarbonic acid in the blood have become routine tests, allowing clinicians to find out earlier the risk of premature death in older patients.
Above is the reason why baking soda can delay aging, older people often eat some baking soda, but it can make the aging body slowly, so that the elderly live healthier and longer life, a simple little habits, but it can bring so many benefits, the old man why not?

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