Baking Soda Clay Handprint Keepsakes

Time: 2017-09-15
Baking Soda Clay Handprint Keepsakes
Okay, I fully admit it…  Between the yearly handprint canvas we did just a couple of months ago and the paper strip handprint art we did just a couple of days ago, we may be a teensy bit handprint obsessed.  I can’t help it.  I don’t know if it’s the Kindergarten teacher in me or the mama in me, but having these little handprints frozen in time just makes my heart happy.

These keepsakes are a favourite in our house.  Miss G and I have made variations of this project many times in the past, some of which have become decor, some heartfelt gifts, and others Christmas tree ornaments
No matter what they become in the end, we always make them out of our very favourite homemade
baking soda
clay.   This stuff is a dream to work with and is super easy and inexpensive to make {plus you most likely have erything you need to make it in your kitchen at this very moment! }
How you decorate them is up to you, but we went with GLITTER this time around, which both Miss G and I loved. So pretty, right?!  {Not to mention that it’s super forgiving when it comes to little cracks and imperfections along the edges of the keepsake…  Add glitter and consider them gone!}


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