Weight Loss Via Baking Soda and Reduced Breathing

Time: 2017-10-12

Weight Loss Via Baking Soda and Reduced Breathing

Ever wonder why it is so difficult if not impossible to lose weight when you are eating practically nothing? Many people go on intensive diets and do lose weight only to see the pounds come back the moment they end their diet. This is more than frustrating! Everyone comes out with a different diet with fantastic promises but there is something that is not being addressed that is important to everyone—not just too overweight people.
A report published in September 2009 in Medical Hypothesis Journal by science expert Shoma Berkemeyer addresses the issue of blood pH as it relates to weight gain. Berkemeyer acknowledges a relationship between blood pH and weight and suggests that it might be less important to eat less of some foods, such as protein, and more important to eat more of other foods, such as fruits and vegetables.
Naturopath Marcelle Pick says, “Can you guess the health habit my patients find the hardest to follow? It’s regular exercise. Despite their best intentions, most of my patients allow exercise to fall by the wayside when life gets busy or stressful — which is all the time, right? But there is a way to begin or renew your commitment to physical fitness, something that should come easily to every woman because you have to do it anyway. The secret is simply to breathe…deeply and often.”
Breathing Slowly
“Deep breathing delivers many of the benefits of exercise, including facilitating weight loss. Though not a substitute for exercise, it’s a great first step for women just beginning an exercise plan, and deep breathing enhances the benefits of any form of exercise,” reports Marcelle Pick.
A more alkaline environment is rich in life giving oxygen. When the pH balance of the human body approaches the 7.0 alkaline/acid balance health is improved. The slightly alkaline environment is an oxygenated environment. This is not to say that one can simply raise their pH and the weight falls off. No one is going to go sit in a room, breathe deeply and come out five pounds lighter. You can, however, use deep breathing as one part of a comprehensive life change to encourage weight loss. Breathing with the aid of this simple breathing device will make the entire process of weight loss easier.Within a few breaths on the Breathslim a person learns to breathe more deeply and more slowly, assisted by the device. And when you breathe with the device it is a very noticeable and remarkable difference from normal, unassisted breathing. Deep breathing is something that most of us should do but fail to do because we haven’t learned how. It seems trivial to think that we’d have to learn to breathe correctly, since it’s such a natural part of life. Most of us breathe without thinking about it but our breathing is often shallow and rapid leading to loss of CO2, bicarbonates and oxygen delivery to the cells.The Breathslim device provides a definite, positive effect that can be noticed quite quickly and when used in conjunction with sodium bicarbonate and other helpful medicinals like magnesium chloride, vitamin C and iodine can help bring the overweight person back into a healthier and slimmer profile. Deep breathing changes the way that oxygen is delivered throughout the body. This creates a change in the way that the body works and will result in improved fat burning.“There is no method — whether diet or exercise or medication or surgery — that cannot easily be overwhelmed by the actions of the individual,” says Dr. Dan Curtis. This does not change the fact that all those things that lead to a higher metabolism all contribute to weight loss.Losing Weight is Hard to DoWhen the researchers looked at calories consumed by 15- to 17-year old boys, they found that obese boys ate about 220 fewer calories a day than boys who were overweight (but not obese). And overweight boys consumed about 375 fewer calories than healthy-weight boys, the study showed. The findings illustrate the difficulty of losing weight by cutting calories alone, especially when the weight is gained early in life but the researchers did not suggest why this was.More than a third of children and adolescents are overweight or obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The researchers concluded that weight-loss efforts for overweight and obese teens should focus on increasing physical activity.
Boosts metabolism and dramatically lowers appetiteAs a result of fat burning, energy levels are increasedLifestyle changing device and methodOne time purchase-not an endless buying cycle such as pills, meal plans, gym memberships
Taking sodium bicarbonate will help get things started because slowing your breathing and taking baking soda arrives one at the same place—with increased Co2 and O2 levels. Drinking salt water during the morning alternating with sweet water would add to this dieting approach as would much of the rest of the Natural Allopathic Medicine protocol.ConclusionDeep, active breathing can increase your oxygen intake even when done for just 1 to 2 minutes at a time. The Breathslim device makes those minutes count greatly amplifying the energy and time we put into breathing retraining. Improving your breathing will improve metabolism to burn off fat and soften emotional issues that lead to food cravings and unnecessary consumption. There is nothing like the Breathslim to calm oneself down and every dieter knows this will be more than helpful.

I included this short video of Dr. Sergey Zinatulin, who has been working with different breathing techniques including the Frolov and Breathslim devices for more than 15 years. He shows quite convincingly of the physical strength that comes to people who consciously breathe.

In myself lost a lot of weight four months ago when I used the Breathslim when I was in uncontrollable pain from a strong bout with GERD. The pounds came off but stopped coming off when I stopped using the device. Of course I am eating more now but eating less than I have ever eaten in my life!