Magic hair dye comb with 100ml hair dye

Group Other
PriceUS $3.8-4.9 / piece
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T
Update Time 2019-09-02
Item specifics
ColorBlack , brown ,chesnut ,Plum purple, Grape red
Usagehair dye shampoo
Raw materials imported from Japan, excluding m-phenylenediamine
1. Palm·Coconut Oil
2. Okra·Extract
3. Citric Acid
4. Black Beans
1.3 product patents.
2. Approval from the State Food and Drug Administration.
3.CNAS detection.
4. Does not contain m-phenylenediamine.
5. Plant mild formula, no scalp, mild and non-irritating, no harmful substances, color natural.
6. One-button assembly, one-click synthesis, dyeing hair anytime, anywhere.
7. Hair dyeing is cheap, a bottle of short hair for men can be used 5-7 times, and short hair for women can be used 2-3 times.
Types Of
Foam Dyeing
Delivery time
4-15 days
Net Weight
   China National Food and Drug Administration Approval
Number G20160371

Q:How is your quality?

A:Each of our products is subject to a layered quality inspection and the selection of the best product materials for production.


Q:When are you shipping?
A:5-15 days, contact us can also expedite faster.


Q:How many MOQ can you accept?
A:In order to enhance the recognition of our products, we can accept 1MOQ/PIC at least.


Q:What is your delivery method?
A:Shipping, air and land transportation, we will choose the best and fastest delivery method according to the delivery place.


Q:What is the payment method you support?
A:BOLETO, Mastercard, Visa, e-Checking, PAYLATER, T/T.


Q:What are the advantages of your products?
A:We are self-built factories, 15 years of experience in the hair dye industry, raw materials are imported materials, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic. After the most rigorous testing by the China Food and Drug Administration, there are authoritative test reports. Give you the healthiest, cheapest products, the best quality service.


Q:Is it possible to OEM?
A:Yes, as long as you provide OEM content, the number of purchases is sufficient.

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